Animal Jam 2012 – How to Double-Duplicate Idems


Whether you’re new to Animal Jam or a seasoned pro, there are many ways to enjoy the game. This article will provide tips to help you get the most out of your experience. You’ll learn about the features, gameplay, chat, and more!


Whether you are a new player of Animal Jam or a veteran, you can find a wealth of information on this site. The community is filled with animals, people, art, and videos. Players engage in conservation projects and interact with world-renowned scientists in-game.

As a parent, you can use the tools on the Parent Dashboard to filter in-game chat. If a Jammer has been chatting inappropriately, you may have their conversation temporarily muted or suspended from logging on for a specified period. However, it’s important to remember that filters can’t always catch every instance of inappropriate behavior. If you think your child is being abused in chat, you can report the incident to Animal Jam HQ.

For New Jammers, the default chat option is Safe Chat. In this mode, messages are automatically filtered for inappropriate phrases and words. A message containing these words or phrases will be blocked and replaced by AJ Classic Rocks.

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If you want to allow your child to chat freely, you can activate Safe Chat – Plus. This option is similar to an allowlist. When you click the “plus” icon, you will be prompted to type in a pre-defined list of words and phrases you can allow your child to chat in. The terms and phrases are checked against the AJHQ-approved dictionary.

In addition to Safe Chat and Safe Chat – Plus, you can also use Bubble Chat. This option restricts the use of messages to simple phrases.


During the first week of life, chicks will transition to higher levels on ramps. They will then gradually advance to the next level by day eight. These transitions improve spatial navigation and cognition. In addition, early access to elevated structures has been shown to enhance the welfare and bone development.

This study examined whether providing elevated structures to laying hens during the rearing period improved the bird’s ability to transition between levels. Birds with ramp experience showed reduced hesitancy behaviors during the transition, while those with no prior ramp experience showed more wing-flapping.

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The percentage of keel bone fractures in birds raised on ramps was reduced. However, the effects of ramps on birds’ egg weight and production were not found. Moreover, the birds’ body weights did not differ between the groups. The chicks raised on ramps adapted to the ramps or had access to better feed or water.

The study’s primary objectives were to examine the use of elevated structures by young pullets, assess welfare parameters, and determine the ability of chicks to use ramps during the laying period. Three-minute focal bird recordings were taken for transitions between slats and litter and upwards and downward movements. A binomial model was used to analyze the data.

The results indicate that providing elevated structures to laying hens effectively improves the bird’s ability to move between levels. Consequently, ramps should be replicated in multi-tier laying systems with high fracture rates.

Build your own

The best feature of the Animal Jam universe is the ability to build your items. This is a clever game concept, where players can customize their virtual pet with cutesy gimmicks and then move around in the gameplay environment.

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The game has been available since 2010 and has over 160 million registered users. In addition to the virtual pet game, players can participate in social interactions, mini-games, and adventures. The game has spawned several figurine toys, children’s books, and a subscription box.

In short, the game has all the bells and whistles. There are multiple biomes to explore and various social interaction options. There is even a Tide Pool mini-game in Tierney’s Aquarium. The most crucial part is that players can customize their pet’s look to fit their style. This has made the game more fun and unique than ever.

The game even has a quiz to help players get to know their virtual animal. They can choose the most appropriate Alpha Allegiance based on the quiz results. They can select a cool-looking outfit, a nifty craftable item, or an interesting tidbit about their new animal.

Several retail stores also offer Animal Jam e-gift cards. The website itself offers memberships that can be purchased with sapphires. Players can enjoy many benefits for a mere $9.99 per month, including many educational videos, a dazzling journey book, a custom pack, and more.

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Animal Jam 2012 – How to Double-Duplicate Idems
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