Animal Jam – How Old is the Average Animal Jam Player?


Using the average age of the average animal jam player can be an excellent way to figure out how much a game is aimed at children. However, other factors are to consider, such as the game’s mechanics and how many people are targeted.

Reporting an animal jam player

Keeping a child safe online is essential, and Animal Jam has tools to help report players engaging in inappropriate behavior. Moreover, they have strict privacy policies.

All players must be at least eighteen years old to play. The website collects personally identifiable information, such as user names and passwords, but does not specify if they share it with third parties.

Parents can review their child’s Animal Jam profile to see who their child interacts with and what they are playing with. They can also control the chat settings through the parent dashboard. If their child has been reported, the moderators may email the parent about the player’s violation. The moderators will review the in-game reports and activities and take appropriate action if they determine the player is in breach of the rules.

When reporting a player, be sure to include the player’s username. You can click the “Report Player” button on the chat menu to open a dialog. This button has a blue background and a picture of a tiger with a prohibition sign over it.

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The “Report Player” option allows you to block a player. The report will appear on the player’s buddy list when a player is reported. This will prevent them from having further interactions with the player. The blocked player will remain on the player’s buddy list but cannot access their den.

Lastly, Animal Jam recommends that parents and teachers review their school’s policy on parental consent before using the game. You can find more details about Animal Jam’s terms of use on the company’s website.

Game mechanics

Besides its fun and quirky characters, the game features a large and varied set of virtual animals and biomes. These animals have their unique quests and rewards. This makes it more exciting and fun.

There are two types of animal games: the original version, which takes place in the fantasy world of Jamaa, and a revamped version known as Animal Jam Play Wild. In this new version, you get to roam the mystical landscape with a virtual animal of your own. The game also features an interactive storyline that encourages you to act like a good steward of the environment.

Other features include:

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  • Creating and decorating your own home.
  • Playing mini-games to earn gems.
  • Trading items with other players.

This game is also a great way to meet other like-minded youngsters. The moderators have a few rules of the road, which will help keep kids from using the game for all its worth. In addition, you may need to be on guard for scams and tricks. The best part is that you can play with your friends, who will be on hand to guide you through the intricacies of the game.

Despite its apparent shortcomings, the game is still a good time. It is an educational and entertaining experience, combining the social features of Facebook and a touch of virtual reality. Hopefully, it will continue to improve. The company’s website boasts over one million players on its servers. Its main drawbacks are the scams, but the company is trying to remedy these issues. It also has a chat facility, which is essential in a multiplayer game.

In-game science facts

Developed by WildWorks, the Animal Jam juggernaut has racked up over 160 million registered players in the short six years it has been around. The company’s latest effort is the AnimalJam: Play and learn, a game where players are encouraged to learn about science and technology. They’ve also been involved in several educational initiatives, such as a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and WeForest. The company was one of the founding studios to sign on to the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Playing for the Planet initiative.

The company has also been involved in some noteworthy feats of marketing. For example, the company has partnered with several international organizations to create free eBooks for young learners.

Chat options

Whether an Animal Jam member or just joining the game, you must know the options for chatting with others. Animal Jam offers three different types of in-game Chat. These include Bubble Chat, Restricted Bubble Chat, and Safe Chat.

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Bubble Chat allows you to see messages from other players, but it restricts you from writing any letters yourself. You can choose a pre-selected phrase or add words to the chat bar. However, the chat filter automatically blocks your messages if you type inappropriate or offensive terms.

Restricted Bubble Chat is like Bubble Chat but only for users disciplined or banned for using inappropriate language. You can contact customer support to request this feature.

Safe Chat is also available to paid members. This feature prohibits players from sending messages that contain offensive or violent words. It also restricts players to an AJHQ-approved dictionary.

Lastly, Safe Chat – Plus is similar to Safe Chat but runs through the safety chat filter. All conversations between Animal Jam accounts are monitored, and moderators may disable the chat facility. If players chat inappropriately, they will have the Chat muted for a day.

While Animal Jam is fun, knowing its terms of use is essential. They state they collect “personally identifiable information,” such as your child’s name, email address, and age. In addition, they contain information that is necessary for your child to participate in the game, such as usernames and passwords.

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Unless you are a parent, you will not be able to change the settings for your child’s account. You can do this on the Parent Dashboard. This feature allows you to control your child’s in-game Chat and select the appropriate game tabs. You can also use the Parent Tools feature to block unwanted players.

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Animal Jam – How Old is the Average Animal Jam Player?
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