How Much Are Arre Beta Black Ninja Masks Worth?

How Much Are Arre Beta Black Ninja Masks Worth?

Buying an arre beta black ninja mask can be a fantastic gift for any martial arts fan. But the question is, how much are they worth?

Lost Temple of Zios Sculpture

Located in the Jungle, the Lost Temple of Zios is where you can find many interesting and rare items. These include the Mira Statue and the Zios Sculpture. There are also a few ruins and old temple-like buildings. There is also a river flowing out of a cave.

The Mira Statue is a member land den released alongside the Zios Sculpture. It is blue and dark in color and has an image of Mira spreading her wings. It is similar to the version that was released in Jamaa Township. However, it has a different color and looks different from the currently available one.

The Zios Sculpture is a 2D masked figure reminiscent of the mask found on the back of the Statue of Zios. This figure was initially sold for 250 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture. But, in the next update, it was removed and replaced by an entrance to the Forgotten Archives. This statue no longer produces floating Phantoms and has beams of sunlight shining down on it. The next update will also change the statue’s color from the lustrous gold it was previously to a light blue.

Wootmoo’s Den is another popular trading spot. Here you can find rare items like the BETA Moon Dirt Flooring, which is super rare. A few plushies are worth more irregular objects, such as the giraffe, fox, and tiger. The panda is worth a Long Spike Wristband, and the crocodile is worth a Rare Cloud.

The Forgotten Archive is another secret area in Animal Jam. It contains relics and ancient stories of Jamaa. There are also three adventure portals and clickable scrolls.

Pot O’ Gems

Considering the game’s popularity, it’s no wonder we see a lot of Pot O’ Gems regularly. And it’s no surprise that the most popular color is blue, with black and green variants nipping at its heels. In addition to the standard offerings, we’ve also seen the return of the elusive unicorn, the golden nugget. As for the best time to buy, we’re currently seeing an unpredictably high number of players per server, so expect this to stay the same for a while. But if you’re looking to stock up on a few of the most sought-after colors, you’re in luck!

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How Much Are Arre Beta Black Ninja Masks Worth?
How Much Are Arre Beta Black Ninja Masks Worth?
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