How Much is a Elf Helmet on Animal Jam Worth?

How Much is a Elf Helmet on Animal Jam Worth?

Whether looking for information on how much an elf helmet on animal jam is worth or looking for something to buy, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the best tips and advice on how to get the most out of your purchase.

Rare item

During the Beta Testing phase of Animal Jam, one of the items to be introduced was the Elf Armor. It is a chest-plate style of armor that has a swirly design. It also comes with shoulder guards. It is available in ten different varieties.

It is an excellent item for your Animal Jam adventures. The top part has two inlaid gems, and the sides have a swirly design. It is also a good accessory for a wolf.

It is also an excellent example of the animal jam app’s “Play Wild!” feature. You can get this elf-themed accessory from the Forgotten Desert. However, it is only sometimes rare.

The elf-themed asset pack contains four clothing pieces: armor, a helmet, a cuff, and a tail. It is only sold for 250 Gems, and you can find it in the Horse Only Party.

The elf-themed item is a hoax. It’s a fake piece of clothing that looks like the real thing. It was released shortly after the Beta Testing period ended and later removed from stores. This item has been re-released in the Diamond Shop.

The Elf Armor Set is a unique item. The set includes an elf-themed chest-plate style of armor, a cuff, a helmet, and a tail. The elf-themed assets also come in a special pack of three other clothing pieces: a vest, a shirt, and a skirt. You can only obtain these clothing items by trading.

Those are the main three items you should look for. In Animal Jam, you can find more clothing items, such as the fox-themed hat. In addition, you can find the elf-themed sword and the elf-themed crown. These items are helpful for many different adventures. So you can have the requisite gear for each experience. You can go through your list of things and choose items that will help you advance in your clan. Ultimately, you want to focus on moving with your family and not worry about how many fad items you have.


Whether an avid Animal Jam player or a newbie, you may need to know the various colors of an Elf helmet on Animal Jam. This type of item is available in ten varieties, including rare versions.

The Elf Armor Set is one of the unique items in Animal Jam. This set includes an Elf Helmet, Elf Armor, Elf Bracelets, and Tail Armor. These items were first released during the Beta Testing phase of the game. They were later sold in the Diamond Shop. You can also trade for them.

The Elf Helmet is a one-piece accessory with a large gem at the top of the head and a metal point at the tip. The piece has two gemstones inlaid on the sides and has swirl patterns throughout the work. The Elf Armor Set is a great item to add to your wardrobe.

During the early Beta Testing phase of Animal Jam, the Spiked Mask was one of the first items to be released. It was later deleted. This was probably because of its appearance. Another item, the Mace Tail, was also glitched. The green bulb on the Mace Tail is more aqua-green than grassy green. The thing was most likely removed from Animal Jam after the summer of 2014.

The Elf Bracelet was released in the Beta Testing phase of Animal Jam. The item was sold at the Jam Mart Clothing store for 250 Gems. After the Beta Testing phase, the article was moved to the Horses Only Party.

The Elf Tail Armor is a recent addition to the Elf Armor Set. This item is very similar to the Elf Armor Helmet. However, the Elf Tail Armor has a curl on it. This curly shape makes it ideal for wearing around the tail of an animal. It is a rare item but is still valued. The regular Tail Armours were not included in the Diamond Shop update. This means the Gold and Silver Tail Armour are only worth a little now.

The Elf Armor Set is not available through AJHQ. Members can receive it as a Monthly Member Gift.


During the Beta Testing phase of Animal Jam, a unique set of armor was introduced. It included Elf Armor, Elf Tail Armor, and Elf Bracelets. It was only available as a trading item and could only be purchased with gems. The price of each item is 250 gems. There are ten different varieties of Elf Armor. It comes in two rare variants, black long and magenta furry. There is also a regular variety.

The value of an elf helmet on animal jam is around 350 gems. The armor is designed to look like a chest plate of an elf warrior. The pieces on the side have a swirly design. The helmet is made of metal and has a large gemstone on the top. The head is made of metal with a pointed tip. The shoulder guards are made of a different metal. It can be obtained through the Forgotten Desert or by trading. The item is currently unavailable from stores.

Aside from being available as a trading item, Elf Armor was rewarded to members as a Monthly Member Gift. The first Elf Armor variant was released in March 2012. It was later sold in the Diamond Shop. During the Leap Year Party, rare varieties were sold as a Rare Item Monday. They were available on the first page of the Jam Mart Clothing. They are scarce.

Other rare items in the animal jam are the Mira statue. It is rarer than it was during the time of the jamma, but its value has increased. It matches well with the gardener’s hat and the snow claw. It is also given away during Christmas time. It is an excellent way to give a unique gift to friends.

The value of an elf helmet is relatively high. The most valuable is the magenta furry, which weighs 34 to 35 black longs. It is also rarer than black long. There are eight common varieties of the Elf Armor. It is worth trading for. It is a unique set of armor.

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How Much is a Elf Helmet on Animal Jam Worth?
How Much is a Elf Helmet on Animal Jam Worth?
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