How to Get a Magenta Spike in Animal Jam

How to Get a Magenta Spike in Animal Jam


Obtaining a Non-Unique Magenta Spike in Animal Jam can take time and effort. There are two main types of Non-Unique Magenta Items in the game: the “glitched” items and the “rare” ones. If you’re looking for a rare spike, you should check out the “Forgotten Desert” adventure, where many good rares can be found.

The “glitched” items are scarce and are not easy to find. They were added to the game by mistake. They look just like the original items but have a distinct magenta color. They also have a particular tag, indicating that the thing is rare. There are three of these items, but each is worth a different amount of den betas. The first is worth eight long black collars, and the second is an excellent long collar. The third is worth a duller long collar.

The occasional spikes are viral and look great on many animals. Some of them are only available to members, but there are a few that are only for non-members. They can be traded for 8-10 Rare Item Monday items. The item is only available for a day, so you should wait until it’s gone from the store before trading. The spikes can be traded for various things, including headdresses, skulls, teddy bears, and much more. They can also be sold for other points.

Some of the “rare” spikes are extremely valuable. The Magenta Cat Ears are the most useful. They were initially sold for 450 Gems and are now valued at 220. They were also the most hacked. A group of players in the AJHQ employee group found a glitch in the item, and they could sell them to other players. Some people may have received overtrade for this item. The second most valuable Non-Unique Magenta item is the Magenta Rare Short Wrist. It’s a valuable item that’s worth 180 long black collars. This item was added by mistake by an AJHQ employee.

The Magenta Sheep Cloak is another precious Magenta item. It was a gift for the Message in a Bottle event. It was released on January 20th, 2017, and it’s worth 55-60 long black collars. It is also worth a lot of time and effort to get. You need to offer up a valuable item to obtain the Sheep Cloak. This is a scarce and practical item, so keep going. However, you should be careful if you trade a helpful thing. You’ll likely get hacked if you don’t check the article carefully. You may lose a lot of money to scammers.

You may be able to trade for the Magenta Sheep Cloak, but you will need to be patient. It’s a scarce item, so it’s not something that you should rush to get. If you have the patience, you can get it.

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How to Get a Magenta Spike in Animal Jam
How to Get a Magenta Spike in Animal Jam
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