How to Get Betas in AnimalJam

How to Get Betas in AnimalJam

Getting betas in AnimalJam is a great way to get the best weapons, clothing, and items in the game. To get betas, you need to do a few things, such as: avoid buying store-bought items. This will help you save a lot of money. In addition, it will help you to earn a lot of rewards.

Clothing betas

During Animal Jam beta testing, you can get several den items. These items are not for sale but are for trade. Getting one of these items is a great way to give feedback to the developers of Animal Jam. These items are scarce, and some are even better than others.

There are many items to choose from. A good rule of thumb is to trade a good thing for a bad one. For example, if you have an excellent short wrist, you should change to a long wrist. A bad long wrist is worth two or three den betas, while a bad one is worth four or five.

During Animal Jam beta testing, you can also win some great gifts. For example, you can find a den beta prize in the Forgotten Desert. This is a prize for completing a particular challenge. There are a lot of tips, and it can take time to earn them all.

Another item released during Animal Jam beta testing was the “Diamond Ring,” a pretty cool-looking item. You can find this item in a shop. It is less popular than other den prizes.

The other tidbit is that a good pair of den betas is worth half a unit of currency. A good couple of den betas should be worth at least 15,000 gems.

The other tidbit is that a good pair of long and a good pair of short wrists are worth five and three den betas, respectively. This is a good deal, especially considering the price of den betas.

Den betas

During Animal Jam’s beta testing phase, den betas are released. Getting them can be challenging, but you can trade them for valuable items.

You can trade wristbands, collars, and Spiked Collars for den betas. You can also sell Nature Adventure items for them.

You can also obtain den betas through The Forgotten Desert. This Adventure rewards you with a prize, like an RC Car, but you can also get Rare Party Hats. These are extremely hard to get.

When trying to get a rare Spiked Collar, you’ll need a Rare item. A lot of the time, you’ll need to trade at least eight or ten Rare Item Monday items for it.

To get a Rare Party Hat, you need a Black Long Spiked Collar. It’s doubtful you’ll get one, but it’s worth a few den betas if you do.

Another type of Rare Item Monday item is a RIM. These are worth 1,875 gems. They’re not your average trading item but can be obtained from Daily Spin and Adventure RIMs.

There are two types of non-member dens, Orange Mat and Cami’s Frog. These are worth three or four den betas.

A den beta can be traded for a good long collar or a wrong short collar. A “short” spike is a collar with sharper sharp edges. A “long” point is a collar with longer sharp edges.

You can’t trade for Spiked Collars directly, but you can sell them through the Forgotten Desert. The only way to get a Spiked Collar is to change for 20 items at a time.

The Forgotten Desert is one of the only adventures that rewards you with den betas. You can also get a Rocking Horse, a small table, a candy basket, and a Fly Trap.

Return Of The Phantoms (Hard Mode)

Whether a classic animal or new to Animal Jam, you can participate in the Adventure of the Year, The Return of the Phantoms. In this point-and-click graphic adventure game, you’ll have to find Pumpkin the Bunny, unlock the Arctic Wolf passage, and trap the phantoms. You’ll get good items in the process.

At the start of the Adventure, Panda Alpha Liza will greet you with a hello and teach you about the phantoms. She’ll warn you about them polluting the forest and ask you to help her capture them.

The sprite you’ll see when you leave the Bunny Burrow will be the Phantom Key. You can catch it with three Chomper Plants at once. It is the first of four keys to being found; the other three are far down the path.

The Arctic Wolf passage is an unlocked mini cavern after the Phantom Door. You’ll receive a slingshot as a reward. This is a rare item that can be traded for betas. The tips from this mini-adventure could be better.

The phantoms that you’ll encounter will lead you to chompers. You’ll need to break rocks to reveal the chests. You’ll also need to plug the phantom pipes to clean up the river and wells.

The phantoms that guard the last chest are a rare occurrence. You’ll receive a bag of Gems and 150 Courage, but you can also open the door to the Arctic Wolf passage.

A group of rocks blocks the last chest in the Adventure, but you can still access it from the upper left corner. It is a well-designed but slightly clumsy chest that awards 200 gems on Normal Mode.

Rare Spiked Collars and Wristbands

Currently, Spiked Collars are one of the most traded items on Animal Jam. They are rare, and demand is high. They come in a few colors and are available in short and long styles.

The best way to get these items is to go to your den and trade them for a Spiked Wristband. The most important thing is to ensure that you have an actual den beta.

You can also earn Rare Spiked Collars through Adventure. The Forgotten Desert rewards them. You can also win Rare Party Hats in The Forgotten Desert. Lastly, you can buy them in the Diamond Shop.

The order of rarity for Spiked Collars is based on the color. The least rare is orange, and the rare is black. Similarly, the order of rareness for wristbands is based on the color.

The rare spike is black. A short wrist is worth two den betas, and a bad long wrist is worth three. An excellent quick wrist is worth three to five den betas, and a wrong long collar is worth two to four.

The less rare wristbands are red, yellow, green, blue, and pink. The rare the spikes, the higher the demand.

In the past, the Diamond Shop had non-rare spiked collars. These collars are still considered rare, but not as rare as their counterparts.

The Forgotten Desert is the only Adventure that rewards Spiked Wristbands directly. It is also the only Adventure that rewards Lucky Clovers. Typically, Spiked Collars and Wristbands are removed from the Adventures as prizes.

If you want a Rare Spiked Collar, you can trade a Spiked Wristband for a Spiked Collar in The Forgotten Desert. It would help if you used actual den betas when dealing with this item.

Avoid store-bought items

Using the Jam-a-Gram system is not the best way to obtain valuable items in Animal Jam. This is because players who use the Jam-a-Gram system are likely to get scammed.

In Animal Jam, trading is the best way to acquire rare and high-end items. This simple process requires players to add items they want to trade to their “Trade List.” Listed entities are marked with a blue button with yellow arrows.

There are two categories of valuable items: betas and rares. The first category contains items that can be traded for other items. The second includes discontinued items and no longer available in Jamaa’s stores.

Betas are member items that can be worn or traded for other things. Betas are a great way to receive feedback from other members. However, it would help if you knew which items are beta before you try to trade them.

There are three ways to find the best deals on betas. You can get them by trading for them, wearing them, or attending a giveaway. The best place to look for giveaways is on YouTube. Fortunately, the YouTube filter can help you find the right one.

Another way to get a beta is to play Animal Jam on sky high. If you don’t have a computer, you can also play the game on a mobile device.

Another way to get a beta is to attend a barn party or create your party. These parties occur at certain times of the year. If you are lucky, you can score some of the elusive BETAs.

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How to Get Betas in AnimalJam
How to Get Betas in AnimalJam
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