How to Get Glossy Bunny Ears in Animal Jam 2018

How to Get Glossy Bunny Ears in Animal Jam 2018

Getting glossy bunny ears is easy if you know the proper tricks. However, there are a lot of people who are still searching for the perfect way to make their bunnies look like the real thing. This article will reveal tips to help your furry friend sit upright and be shinier.

Pet Golden Bunny

Getting glossy bunny ears in Animal Jam is possible, and you can make it happen with some clever play. Fortunately, there are many cute animals in the game, but some are harder to come by than others. These include the elusive golden bunny.

The ‘Bunny Ears’ is an in-game clothing item that is worn by a variety of Pets. They are sold at the annual Jam Mart Clothing event, which takes place in April. You can also find them in Pack Runs and Phantom Dimension. There are two varieties, the RIM Variant, which has pink outer ears, and the Leilani Bunny Ears, which have white external ears. The RIM variation has the most demand, and they are the most expensive.

Another in-game accessory is the Elegant Butterfly Wings. This is a fancy little item that can be found in the Play Wild section. You can use it to add a special touch to your pet’s appearance. If you need to learn how to do this, check out Animal Jam Whip’s Costume Corner for tips.

The ‘Pet Stop Pals Adoption Set’ is an excellent way to get shiny golden bunny ears, but it’s not the only way. There are also several ways to acquire them, including buying them from a 3rd party seller on eBay. These items are accompanied by a redeemable code that can be redeemed in-game to gain access to in-game items. This includes a cute little pet figure and three interchangeable accessories. It’s worth a look if you’re looking for some new gear for your Animal Jam character.

While there are fewer accessories than pets, there are a few exceptions. The ‘Pock,’ a light purple rabbit with long ears, is the Alpha of the Bunnies in Animal Jam. As a painter and musician, Peck is a very talented designer. He loves loud music and bright colors. In addition to his talents, Peck is also a shaman. In the game, Peck has a few tricks up his sleeve. These include a dance move that makes a rabbit stand up on both its hind legs.

RIM Bunny Ears

During the Beta Testing phase in Animal Jam, some den items were released. Some of these are rare and only available in the den. These are also called Adventure RIMs, and they measure the value of items worth less than one Den Beta. These items are also used as currency in Animal Jam trading. This is a great way to get extra coins for your den.

Some of these items are still on the market, such as the Rocking Horse. This is a miniature wooden horse with a dark brown mane and yellow stitching forming an X. It can be bought through the Forgotten Desert. Another item, the Pot O’ Gems, is a large blue pot filled with Gems. It is animated and comes with a shining effect. It was first sold at Jam Mart Furniture for 400 Gems. It was quickly removed from stores, however, so you can find it on The Forgotten Desert.

The Basket of Candy was first released during the Beta Testing phase in Animal Jam. It’s a green basket with different colored candies in it. It was sold for 100 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture. The Basket was never returned to Animal Jam, though.

The RC Car was also released during the Beta Testing phase of Animal Jam. It’s a purple toy car with dark purple wheels and a light purple spoiler at the back. It’s a prize for completing The Forgotten Desert. It was originally sold for 10 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture. It is no longer sold there. It was also entered into the game as a tribute to Cami’s Frog, a leukemia survivor. It’s an homage to her daughter, who was an employee of WildWorks.

Some of these items are only available for a limited time. They are called Leap Year Items. They were released in February 2012 and went out of circulation for a few years. They were brought back for the Leap Year Party in 2016 and will be back again in 2020. During this party, you’ll be able to find some clothing items, as well as some other den items.

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How to Get Glossy Bunny Ears in Animal Jam 2018
How to Get Glossy Bunny Ears in Animal Jam 2018
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