How to Play Animal Jam

Explore the wild in Animal Jam! Here, you can adopt a wild pet in the jungle. This game is perfect for those who consistently want to explore new things outdoors. Whether it’s learning about animals and plants in different habitats, it’s all available here! Kids who are always curious about different wild animals will surely enjoy playing with this game for long hours.




As You Start Playing Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a simulation game that is pretty easy to use and understand among kids. It is fun and the visuals and sound effects add to its cuteness. It’s a game that you’ll never get tired of! But before entering the world of Jamaa, you need to set up everything first.

For kids, it is best to log-in with the aid of a parent and use the parent’s email. Logging in can help the parent adjust the restrictions to the chat options in the menu. Meanwhile, young kids will have filtered words or they can only use limited words when communicating with other Jammers. One thing to note is that the game has mixed-aged players. Thus, kids may mingle with adult players if there are some.

Once you’re done, you may click Start New Game and choose your animal. Then, choose from different name combinations from the menu. You can either select one from the column or click the lever to use the random name generator. The name of your animal will be the one you and your friends see on the screen as you start to play the game.

As you enter Jamaa, you are called a “Jammer”. Then, you will land on one of the many areas in Jamaa. You can easily move around by pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard. The world of Jamaa is very big, so you will meet a lot of Jammers in every area you visit. As you move along, you will be asked to customize your appearance. Here, you can get creative and do what you want with your character.

Socialize With Other Jammers

In this game, you can personalize how you are feeling at the moment. You can share your feelings with other Jammers, or empathize with them. Here, your social and emotional skills will be assessed. A tutorial button can be seen on the bottom right if you need one.

While checking out the area, you can interact with other Jammers. You can also add one animal as a buddy and chill at their den. If you want, you can chat with any other Jammer using the chatbox on your screen as well. Typing what you want to say is very easy like sending a text or any message.

To visit other lands, there is a globe on the lower right side of your screen. Then, click the area you want to go to. Kids love tinkering with the small icons on a screen that’s why Animal Jam is such a hit among them!

Discover Fascinating Creatures in Animal Jam

If you come across a new animal species or plant, you can click on it and read interesting facts about it. As you play the game on a regular basis, you will notice that you will have a Journey Book. This is where you store facts and information that you unlock as you play the game. There is a lot to learn in Animal Jam because different types of wildlife will be encountered along the way. Tapirs and flamingos are just some of the animals you can read about which show up in different habitats.

Lots of Things to Do in the Game

There are lots of places to explore while you are already in Jamaa. There are rooms in which you can choose to play games or simply to meet other Jammers and socialize. There is also a shop you can visit if you need to buy accessories using gems, the in-game currency.

Moreover, there are areas where you can do fun activities such as puzzles and masterpieces. There are different types of games as well in Animal Jam which you can play. There are regular games, challenge games, food games, prize games, creative games, and PvP games. It is up to you to choose which one you like to play to earn rewards and of course, to have fun too.

You will also have a buddy to choose from in the game which will accompany you anywhere you go. Growing your virtual pet is easy too because everything you need is on your screen. If you have earned enough gems and sapphires, you can easily go to the shop and purchase what you need. Do take note that certain items in the shop may take a longer time to get because it requires more gems or rewards.

Download Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a relaxing video game that will also give kids and even adults some new things to learn. As you level up in the game, more exciting features will be unlocked. There is definitely no rush into leveling up. Take each playing day at a time and enjoy the surprises that are in store for avid players like you. Make your adopted pets happy as you socialize in different Jammer communities and play against others online. Get this game for your PC today and join in on the fun!