Animal Jam Knowledge Base

Animal Jam: Entertaining & Challenging Mini-Games to Play

Animal Jam may be a simulation game for those who want to raise pets, but there’s more to the game. Aside from the educational aspect, there are fun mini-games you can let your animal play. A game within a game, doesn’t it sound super fun? Yes, that is one of the best things players love about Animal Jam. Here, you get to earn rewards when you win some of these mini-games. This also serves as one of the social aspects of the entire game. Playing against other Jammers creates unique friendships.




The Mini Games only need one Jammer to play though some can accommodate other players too. Start by Choosing a mini-game from the Games screen. You can find it by clicking the game controller icon found on the menu on top. Here are the different regular games in the world of Jamaa.

Animal Jam Challenge Games

These are the types of games where you need to do some tasks until you finish the game. Challenge games are so much fun and kids love to play this one because there is no pressure. If you want to chill and have fun at the same time, this one is for you. Some of the mini-games under this category are:

  • A Puppy’s Tale
  • Block Break
  • Fast Foodies
  • Phantom Dodger
  • Overflow
  • Pill Bugs
  • Super Sweets

Delicious Food Games

If you love to cook or prepare meals, this category is perfect for you. Playing these games does not give gems so it is purely for fun. Do you think you’re a great chef? Then give these games a shot and become the master in the cook-off! The food games in the world of Jamaa are:

  • Smoothie machine
  • Hot cocoa machine

Lucky Prize Games in Animal Jam

Does the claw machine sound familiar to you? Well, you are lucky because Animal Jam happens to have that type of game. The chances of getting a reward are random. Make sure to have lady luck by your side to win this game!

  • The Claw
  • The Super Claw

Competitive Multiplayer Games

Some games require more than one player or if there are no Jammers around, Bots will play against you. Here, the competitive side of you will be pushed to the limits. Take on the fiery stage of these multiplayer games and rise above all! These are the multiplayer games you can try:

  • Jamaa Derby (also available as PvP)
  • Falling Phantoms
  • Best Dressed

Imaginative Creative Games in Animal Jam

These are games for those who love doing art or being creative in a sense. Aside from spreading information about nature, Animal Jam also brings out creativity from everyone! Creative games only require one player and you can sell or trade what you made. Choose any of these two:

  • Master Blocks
  • Masterpiece

With the long list of regular games you can do with Animal Jam, there is no reason not to download the game today. Dive in and experience the fun world of Jamaa with friends and family. Download the game now!