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Animal Jam – Play Wild: Meet Peacock, the Newest Animal

Animal Jam – Play Wild is a fun game that is known as the safest online community for children. Here, they can meet and chat with new friends with no worries. There are also tons of games to play and it is an amazing platform for kids to visit. In Animal Jam, children can have fun and learn virtually through games. Now, there’s a new animal that you can use, Peacock! Let’s learn more about Animal Jam and the new Animal update here.


Animal Jam Peacock 2


What You Should Know About Peacock

Animal Jam is filled with fun animals you can use. You can choose from foxes, wolves, horses, bunnies, camels, cheetahs, and so much more. We also know that kids love animals, and this is an excellent way to grab their attention. Thankfully, Animal Jam has lots of animals to choose from. In fact, they currently have over one thousand animals. Finally, in their latest update, they have Peacock, who is the perfect show stopper. This blue-colored magnificent bird will surely entertain your kids!

We all know how colorful peacocks are, and Animal Jam made sure to give us the perfect appearance. It has five colorful and large feathers that have a marking at each end. The beak also matches the color of its tail feathers. This is a members-only pet that was initially announced on July 9, 2015. Moreover, it won the New Pet Contest in June-July of the same year. It was only available in the Diamond Shop until it went on clearance sometime in 2017.

The Pet Peacock’s actions include sit, where it sits upright with its legs extended. It also plays by getting a wooden mallet, throwing a red and blue ball up in the air, and then hits it. The Dance action is also similar to walking but in place. Meanwhile, sleep is when the Peacock lays on its back and the zzz’s float away. Lastly, the hop action, which looks like the Peacock is trying to do jumping jacks.


Animal Jam Peacock


Along with the Peacock, players will also get certain items also. They can get items like Star Bracelet, Star Sunglasses, and Director Clapperboard Tail. The Peacock and other items can be acquired by buying the Stylish Peacock Bundle.

Animal Jam – Play Wild Pet Peacock Trivia

Peacock is the pet that got the most votes out of the three pet options given. Presumably, the pet Peacock is male since only male peacocks have colorful feathers. Moreover, it is the largest pet so far. Before, it looked massive in Pet Only activities, like Bitter Sweets. But it has since received a revamp and has been shrunk to the size of a penguin. Also, unlike some other pets, you can choose three actions for the eyes: Move, Hearts, and Squinted. And last August 2018, a new Peacock variation came out, which was the Pet Fantasy Peacock.

Other New Updates

Aside from Peacock, the new update comes with a new pet Guinea Pig that your kids can adopt. In addition, your kids will love being a movie director in the new Movie Studio Den. There is also a new Pack Merch based on your Pack Crest and new Sapphire Bundles. But the most exciting part is the new accessories and items! Let your kids have fun on a platform that offers nothing but enjoyable activities and great graphics. They get to learn things their own ways while having the time of their lives. They also get to play with their newfound friends at Animal Jam! Become a member now and create a safe space for your kids to learn and grow.

Animal Jam: The Ideal Game for Kids

In Animal Jam, your kids have the freedom to personalize their animals, play the most exciting games, and earn Gems. They can also explore the 3D world of Jamaa, shop for items, and design their dens. Lastly, Jammers (Animal Jam players) can meet new friends and educate themselves about the animals and their natural habitat.


Animal Jam Gameplay


This is also the kind of game that your child will grow to love. That’s why you should start them as young as 6 years old for the best virtual experience with other kids. It’s never too late to give them something educational to do that they could look forward to every day!