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Animal Jam: Friendship Festival & Newest Pets

Animal Jam is a game where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy a world where animals rule the kingdom. It is quite a breath of fresh air compared to other similar games like Lords Mobile, Hero Wars, and Dragon City. However, this game does not include turn-based combat, complex leveling mechanics, and whatnot. It’s just sprawling through the kingdom of Jamaa, meeting other players and unique NPCs and dressing up your pet. Nothing gets cooler in the game than the exaggerated swagger of a black cub. So, let’s talk about the new event along with the newest pets to collect: German Shepherd puppies and Himalayan cats.


Animal Jam Friendship Festival


Friendship Festival

Friendship Festival serves as a limited-time social event where you get rewarded for interacting with other animals in the kingdom. You get to befriend both NPCs and other players, where friendship meters are doubled than normal days in the game. You also get exclusive Valentines-themed rewards, including rainbow skins, pink unicorn themes, and chocolate dens.

Also, during this event, the shop will have some sweet exclusive items too, including some heart-shaped energy potions, pink armor, and some floaty angel wings. They’re all quite cute, but the only purpose of those is cosmetics.

This event only occurs for two weeks. If you miss out on this event, you will have to wait for the newest one next February.

Double XP Event

Of course, two is always better than one. No matter what activity you do during the Friendship Festival event, you get to earn double XP. It’s a great chance if you are planning to catch up on the late event activities or if you want to get on the same level as your friends. Either way, this only happens for just two weeks. The next double XP event is not yet announced, so if we were you, just go ahead and rush the game.

German Shepherd Pups

The newest pets in the bunch are the cute German shepherd pups. They come in various colors, and all of them just look so adorable. You can get them through the new pet chest or gems in the shop. Plus, you can earn them for free, as long as you grind throughout the rest of the event or you can instantly get them in the real money purchases.

Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats also frolic their way to Jamaa. Just like the German Shepherd Pups, you can get them for free through the pet chest, gem shop, or shard grinds.


Animal Jam New Himalayan Cat


Is Animal Jam Still Worth Playing?

While Animal Jam may still be fairly new, a lot of people suspected that it has gone dead right now. This is mainly because of the huge drop of players after the developers were not adding much content and updates. However, it is now gaining traction again due to the new content creators online making roleplay stories using Animal Jam. It is also worth noting that the developers have whipped out new and exciting updates in late 2020. Among these include the much-needed quality of life changes such as better graphics and a cleaner user interface.

The stories in the game are still a bit lacking. However, the replayability of the mini-games is still a great way to earn gems for you to purchase the many different stuff available in Jamaa. Recently, they included some cool features such as pets and more customization options for the den area.

Right now, there is still no word whether the developers will create a combat mode or not because they want to focus on overhauling the whole game first before adding new game modes. Nevertheless, the newest event, Friendship Festival, does have a great share of refreshing stuff to do. In fact, it is considered a comeback for the community. Currently, the game has a daily number of 120,000 concurrent players in the USA alone.

The developers have promised to add more content for the rest of 2021 in hopes of gaining new players as well as old players with higher levels.

Still Wholesome Fun

Animal Jam takes itself casually since the game is all about the pets and not about all the other strenuous things you would think about when it comes to an RPG. This is an RPG with less emphasis on fighting but more about flaunting your character and your den, where other players and NPCs can hang out.

With the addition of the German Shepherd and Himlayan Cats into the mix, now you have more reasons to grind in the game and collect more animals for your herd. Best of all, they are not exclusive to real-money purchases. Plus, you can get them for free as long as you do the shard grinds.

If you want to play this game on a bigger screen and experience the Friendship Festival, download Animal Jam on PC. You can also check out our playing guide for tips on how to play this game.