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Animal Jam: Play Against Others With These PvP Games

Aside from simulation, you can also enjoy PvP games in Animal Jam. For those who aren’t familiar with this, PvP games are games in which you can go against another player. Here, you can enjoy competing with other players without switching to another game. It’s all here in Animal Jam! Here is a long list of PvP mini-games that you can play with a buddy or other Jammer. Read on to know more about such games!





This is an easy game between men and kings in which your ultimate goal is to finish all of your opponent’s pieces. You get to choose between light or dark pieces. This game relies on one’s strategy, outwit your opponent in this mind game!

King Pin

Your main objective here is to get more points than your opponent and knock down as many pins as you can. However, you are only given one roll, so make sure to make it count. Focus and accuracy will be tested in this game. If you think you have the skills to hit it all in one shot, then try this game!

Ladybug Lane

The game is a simple PvP in which you need to line up four ladybugs before your opponent does. If nobody gets to form 4 ladybugs, nobody wins. It is also considered a tie. This is another test of accuracy and skills so make sure you have laser focus to win the game.


The goal of this game is to knock all the same colored marbles which are set for you. You have to aim the marbles out of the ring and you win. It is also possible to knock your opponent’s marbles.


If you are a fan of popping balloon games, this mini-game is perfect for you. There is a color shown to you on the screen. Then, you need to pop as many same-colored balloons as you can before the timer goes off. This one has a familiar concept so it’s easy to understand the game and win.

Super Cube

This matching game is fun to play against a friend or any online opponent. You just need to match as many sets of cubes to have more points. Coordination and sharp eyesight are required to win this game.


This ice cream game is fun because you just need to stack the cone with the same toppings and flavors. You need to finish all the correct scoops before your opponent does. This game is fun and delicious-looking at the same time!


It is just like any trivia game in which you need to do as many correct answers as you can over your opponent. The one with the big brains will win the game. You think you’re the smartest among Jammers? Try this game and test your knowledge!

Jamaa Derby

The only thing you need to do here is to jump and boost to cross the finish line first. This requires a horse though. Coordination and speed is the key to become victorious in the game. Join the derby now!

Beachside Blitz

This game’s objective is to stay out of the water and avoid being pushed. If nobody is pushed into the water when time runs out, it is a tie. This wet and wild game is sure to keep you refreshed!

Stack Attack

Stack more cakes than your opponent before the timer is off. You also must put all cake pieces aligned at the center as possible. Have fun stacking these sweet treats and make sure to grab that sweet victory as well.

Log Jammer

You will play as the beaver in this mini Animal Jam game and must chomp off most logs before the timer goes off. Make sure to score higher than your opponent so that you will win.