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Animal Jam is an immersive game where you can experience becoming your favorite animal. Do you want to experience what it’s like being a tiny bunny? Download the game on your PC today and explore the 3D world of Jamaa and other animals! There are a lot of things you can do here aside from taking care of your pet. You also get the chance to play fun mini-games, adopt cute pets, and of course, make your den look nice. The game is not only for kids but for everyone who wants to chill and just have fun!

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Animal Jam - Play Wild!

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Entertaining Animal Game for Children of All Ages

One thing that makes this game a hit among kids is its awesome overall visual display and sound effects. The animals look cute and the environment is safe for young gamers. Players can also meet and chat with new friends along the way. The online community is regulated so parents feel safe for their kids to play this game online.




Aside from that, there are videos and e-books for kids who want to learn about the natural world. They can learn about certain animals, their habitats, and the things they do to survive. This pet simulation game is indeed unique because you can do a myriad of activities with just one app.

Shop for Clothes, Decorations & Accessories

Just like other simulation games, you get to personalize everything as well to make you feel at home. You can shop for pretty clothes and accessories for your chosen pet. Moreover, you can choose the decorations for your place according to your preferred theme. Animal Jam lets you create your dream pet world at the tips of your hands!

Play Fun Games with Gems as Rewards

Kids can also enjoy playing some mini-games within the game itself. If you can see the game controller icon on the uppermost right on your PC screen, click on that. Then, you choose what type of mini-game you want to play. In addition, you can compete with other players online and take home gems if you win! This game is definitely the place to be if you want to relax and play endlessly with cute animals.

To join in the fun, make sure to download Animal Jam into your PC today and start playing. Check out the fun features of the game as well to better give you an overview of the fun that awaits!

Game Features

  • Personalize your animals from head to tail.
  • Play fun games and earn gems.
  • Explore a gorgeous, living 3D world.
  • Shop for clothes, den decorations, and accessories.
  • Design your own den
  • Join a friendly community of players worldwide.
  • Chat with animal buddies.
  • Learn about real animals and their habitats.

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Animal Jam Play Wild Screenshot

Animal Jam: Play this Fun Educational PC Game for Free